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Attempting to specify where photojournalism ends and art begins is a pretty pointless task. But in the case of Norfolk, I raise the issue because later in the Radio 4 interview, by explaining his approach to photography, Norfolk seemed to perfectly define the merit of photojournalism – as oppose to art – and the obligations that are incumbent upon all of us lucky enough to have been brought up in the Developed World but who work in much poorer countries.


A couple of months ago I received an email from the picture editor of an Indian magazine interested in reproducing photographs of mine she had seen posted on a Flickr site run by a Greek environmental campaign. These pictures of coal miners in eastern India had been pulled from my blog and were used without my permission but luckily they were credited (and watermarked) so the magazine picture editor was able to track me and my photographs down. This example illustrates the dilemma photographers face when using the web.…


Defined by their sexual-orientation, Aravanis are rarely accepted by India’s largely conservative society. As a consequence, many are tormented by the disapproving gaze of others and suffer a lonely existence from which they seldom find solace. The transgender gathering I photographed in the Tamil town of Koovagam is one such occasion when Aravanis are able to emerge and take centre-stage – if only for a few short days a year.…