I have just uploaded a gallery of my corporate photographs here. Like many photographers, I combine my editorial work with assignments for business and corporate clients. I have been fortunate that much of this work has allowed me to travel abroad extensively, occasionally picking up editorial assignments once the corporate photography is over. Such work also has the benefit of subsidising the kind of self-assigned photography that the under-resourced press are too-often reluctant to commission.

Sometimes a corporate brief can be very specific and limit me to producing a particular kind of photograph. But on occasion clients do provide me a much freer reign within which to work. Such assignments are usually the most rewarding, allowing me to employ many of the skills I have developed while working editorially for newspapers and other media organisations.

You can see more of my corporate work here. 

Workers in a field of soya beans at a farm in Zambia. Photo: Tom Pietrasik.Chaisamba, Central Province, Zambia. 2012 (Tom Pietrasik)

Zambia ©Tom Pietrasik 2012


Nairobi...Photo: Tom Pietrasik.Nairobi, Kenya. 2011 (Tom Pietrasik)

Nairobi, Kenya ©Tom Pietrasik 2011


Shopping in the Dubai Mall...Dubai, UAE. 2011.Photo: Tom Pietrasik (©Tom Pietrasik)

Dubai, UAE ©Tom Pietrasik 2011


Quality-control workers at a factory producing plastic packaging and labelling for Nigerian and multinational companies. Photo: Tom Pietrasik.Ogun State, Nigeria. 2012 (Tom Pietrasik)

Lagos, Nigeria ©Tom Pietrasik 2012


London corporate staff. Photo: Tom Pietrasik London U.K. 2010 (Tom Pietrasik)

London, UK ©Tom Pietrasik 2010