Its that time of year in Europe when the days grow longer, summer beckons and the hours of dusk seem to last an eternity. When I lived in India, spring was a season to dread, notable for the onset of those sweaty evenings when darkness can no longer be relied upon to bring relief from the heat. In stark contrast, the urban landscape of central London inspires a sense of anticipation and of hope: a time to savour the long evenings and with it the promise of summer.

London scenes. ..Photo: Tom Pietrasik.London, U.K. 2011 (Tom Pietrasik)

Day turns slowly to night across the urban landscape of the City of London, Britain’s financial capital. London, U.K. ©Tom Pietrasik 2011


London scenes...Photo: Tom Pietrasik.London, U.K..May 21st 2011 (Tom Pietrasik)

Evening view from a bar as clouds gather. London, U.K. ©Tom Pietrasik 2011


The Southbank, London..Photo: Tom Pietrasik.London, UK.April 2013. (Tom Pietrasik)

The subterranean landscape of London’s Southbank arts complex. London, U.K. ©Tom Pietrasik 2013