UNICEF programs five years after the Tsunami

Girls washing their hands outside the school toilet block. Kalmunai, Ampara district. Sri Lanka ©Tom Pietrasik…

Grade 4 Childrens Brigade students washing their hands in UNICEF-supplied sinks at the K.M. Vivekanana Vidalayam school in Kalmunai, Ampara Dist.

The Kalmunai community was tsunami affected and for six months the school grounds became an IDP camp. The school continued teaching during this time in a local temple. The school is known as a “Child Friendly School”. Unicef has provided sanitary facilities: boys and girls toilets and hand washing area. Immediately after the tsunami, Unicef supplied books to the school. Unicef has trained teachers in child friendly education and in the establishment of a Children’s Brigade. Children’s Brigades are a means of promoting hygiene practice in pupils and encouraging them to disseminate messages of hygiene practice and awareness in the wider community.

Photo: Tom Pietrasik
Ampara District, Sri Lanka
September 29th 2009

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